Opportunity Fund

- Opportunity Fund -
The Fund provides investors with the opportunity to achieve attractive returns from an asset class that has historically generated strong and stable long-term cash flows. The Opportunity Fund focuses on a simple, value-added investment strategy to acquire residential real estate notes secured by real property (primarily single family homes) located in the Midwest and Eastern United States (including Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.) at a significant discount to the balance owed.

- How It Works -
"The Beauty of the Opportunity Fund Program, it's an investment that gives back in many more ways than just a solid return to the investors" - Lawrence S. Pichiarella Opportuntiy Fund VI, VII & VIII partner (investor) since 2008

Investment in the Opportunity Fund is a win-win proposition. Our first commitment is to our partners. We are passionate about generating income for our investors, while our efforts allow the door of home ownership to remain open through loan modifications.

- Itís a win-win -

A win for our Investors: The investor profits by receiving returns from cash flow generated by the loans held in the Fund. All loans are professionally serviced by Home Servicing, LLC, a fully licensed loan servicer located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Win for the homeowner: Many of the loans we purchase are "re-performing" loans or loan modifications. In most cases, the borrower's principal balance has been reduced, giving them a more affordable monthly payment and eliminating the problem of negative equity. Your investment provides a market for these loans and places you on the receiving end of the income stream.

A win for our Communities: Foreclosures hurt communities by reducing equity and destabilizing real estate values. When you invest in the Opportunity Fund you help preserve the American Dream of home ownership and community stewardship.

It's peace of mind knowing that you are helping American Families rebuild their American Dream.